Maltese Artist and Illustrator


About the Artist

Merħba! I'm Kathleen Flask, also known as Fox-From-Malta, a maltese artist and illustrator who sometimes also dabbles in other art forms! I work with traditional and digital mediums, and animate from time to time as well.I have always been known to draw, even during classes, carrying around a paper and pencil everywhere I go! Just graduated from post-secondary school, I aim to continue my studies in digital art at our local university.Aside from art, my interests include Zoology, Languages and Music. I am very fond of animals, and they're always a subject of my creations. Aside from Maltese and English, I also know German (of which I currently have a B2 grade in), and I study music and music theory on the side as a hobby.

I have sold drawings and creations locally and abroad (some countries being America, Austria, Germany, UK & Italy). I even have a small business I co-own with my mother, where we sell keychains locally and more often abroad via our Etsy -PatchyzCreations.

2018 - DTA Character Design Competition (on Deviantart) - 2nd Place
2019 - DTA Character Design Competition (on Deviantart) - 1st Place
2020 - No Junk Mail Sticker Competition (St Monica School) - 2nd Place
2021 - Festa Frawli Art Competition (Catagory C) - 1st Place
2022 - German Video+Writing Competition - 1st Place
2022 - Mr. Riley Snack Attack Competition - 17+ Category - 1st Place
2023 - My Green Corner - Virtual Exhibition and Competition - 17+ Catagory Winner

2021 - Kliem ix-Xjuh - Malta Community of Illustrators
2021 - After Dürer - Mikiel Anton Vassalli College – Malta School of Art
2021 - Digital Art Exhibition and Competition - Education Department
2022 - SAF Student Prize (Malta & Gozo) - Sovereign Art Foundation
2022 - The Pre-Tertiary Students Exhibition 2022 - Art & Art History at UM
2023 - My Green Corner - Virtual Exhibition and Competition - Frank Salt Real Estate

2021 - Darba Kien Hemm Fjura - Author: Kathleen Flask
2021 - Kaxxa ta' Storja - Authors: Rachela Bugeja, Christina Marie Vella, Denise Vella.
Kaxxa ta' Storja was illustrated together with my mum. She did the linework and I did the colouring and shading
2022 - In-Nokla Magika - Author: Elaine Grech
2022 - Malta Illustration Annual 2022 - Malta Community of Illustrators
2023 - Min Taħseb li Jien? - Author: Claire Azzopardi
2023 - Malta Illustration Annual 2023 - Malta Community of Illustrators


Portfolio / Gallery

Click the below banners to view my work!


Animations / Animatics

Some of my animation / animatic work. For more check out my Youtube!

Unfinished Animatic - 2020

Multi-Animation-Project Part - 2021

The Mouse Hole - Animation on Video - 2022

Unfinished Animatic - 2021

Unfinished Animation Meme - 2022

Multi-Animation-Project Part - 2023

Artse & Gio Animations

Animations I've created for my school's Erasmus Multiplier event (which I was apart of) as well as some random animations of the mascot I've created, Gio, to practice animation.


School Portfolio Work

Work I did during my time at school, or work done for school.


Visual Narratives

My comic or visual story-telling related works which I have done for personal reasons or as school assignments.

Asparagus and the Alien - 2022

'Asparagus and the Alien' is a short story presented in the form of 21 illustrations I had made as a part of a project for school. The aim was to take photographs and add our little illustrations digitally.
Characters all belong to me! And photos were also taken by me :)

The Story

Umbrellas and Demons - 2023

'Demons and Umbrellas' is a short comic done for my portfolio but I ended up not including in the journal. The story is the first encounter between 3 characters. I might eventually do more with these characters, but for now enjoy this short little comic :) Characters all belong to me!

The Mini Comic

Varecia Vulpes

Varecia Vulpes is a slice of life comic series I occasionally do. No schedule for upload, they come quite randomly.Check out the comics here:


Client Work

These are works commissioned by clients for commercial use, like book illustration work.

I also did some work as a Comic Artist for UnlicensedBurger, a small company owned by friend OddyOddster aiming to create comics and animations.I worked together with fellow artist and friend Dr-Fuzznote who often did the sketch and colouring while I did the line-work. You can view the comics here:

Animatic w Audio - 2022

I also am currently working as an admin in an online arpg group called Growyourown (or GYO for short). I work as a community mod and do some of the artworks to be used in group.
GYO is owned by Violenca.


Commissions : OPEN

My art is LGBTIQ+ Friendly and SFW.What I can draw: Animals/Pets - Furry/Anthro Animals - Creatures - Humans - Robot/Mech (simplified) - Minor Gore - Fanart (as me first)What I won't draw: NSFW - Organs/Gore - Sexual Content - Fetishes - Hate against a minority - NFTsAll commissions come with shading! Flat can be given upon request (for digital only).
- - - - -

  • Please read my T.O.S before commissioning me.

  • Extra Characters are +50% the original price.

  • Shipping prices are: Local : € 1.50 | International : + € 8 / 10 USD

  • To order a commission simply reach out to me via EMAIL or INSTAGRAM, or any other social media I use.

  • If you want a commission type that's not listed here, like comic, PMV, Custom character, book illustrations, etc. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss further.



Classic = €5
New = €15

Choose from Style Classic (top) or Style New (bottom)!Just a simple chibi of your character or pet!



An headshot of your character that is ideal for profile avatar usage!



Style A: Comes with a simple patterned or solid coloured background.
Style B: Comes with a circular background, with patterend border.



A full-body detailed piece of your character/pet.



A cute simple coloured fullbody of your character/pet done in MS Paint.NOTE: Ratio for these pieces is usually less than 1000px!



A full detailed background image, that depicts your character/pet in a particular scene, be it by the sea, or in the forest.NOTE: Price varies depending on scene complexity.
Limited slots available per opening.


Marker/Paint/Felt colours are limited, so no complex-coloured characters for these.
These commissions can be shipped! For fullbodies and scenes, a digital scan can be sent upon request.



A badge of your fursona / animal / beast character with their name.NOTE: NO Clip included!



An A5 traditionally drawn fullbody of your character.Can be in markers, posca or pencil [but the last two options are only available for easier designs]



A5 or A4 (if with markers) or larger (if on canvas with paint*) scene commission of your character with background.NOTE: Price varies depending on scene complexity.
Limited slots available per opening.
*Canvas pieces are only available for locals.


1 = €10 / 3 = €25

A 32mm by 32mm sized button of your character. Can either be a digital headshot of your character/pet or a one of a kind traditionally drawn artwork.Can come in a set of 1 or 3
(for the 3 set, they can be all different characters)



A 15-20cm felt keychain of your character.Colour of the ribbon can be chosen by you or made to match the eye buttons.NOTE: Limited slots available per opening


Terms of Service

Please read these terms before asking for a commission, especially bigger ones. If a client commissions me, they have automatically agreed to these terms. I will keep this updated periodically.


  • For bigger commissions (such as the scene commission and all traditional commissions) a deposit of half the price must be payed at the start of the commission.

  • Do not ask for a commission if you don't have the money to pay for it. You will only get a 24hr chance to pay the deposit, and then another 24hr chance to pay for the remaining pay once the commission is complete.

  • The deposit must be payed in order for me to start the commission. Do not pay unless I have first accepted your commission.

  • I have the right to decline a commission if I do not feel comfortable making it.

  • You are only allowed to ask for minor edits to the finished piece! (Like slight colour changes, etc.) - For the more detailed commissions, I will send sketch/lineart wips to get confirmation if they're ok with you, but this is not for every type.

  • You can request a refund at any time, but you CANNOT ask for a refund if the commission has been coloured/completed/sent. - once a refund has been sent, you will not receive the commission, even if the sketch/lineart has been started.

  • Prices are bound to change. My prices can increase in the future, but I usually will have this be done before an opening in order not to confuse buyers. Please do not come ask for a refund if you bought a commission at a previous price, or a discount.


  • I would need to know the address to calculate the final shipping price. It won't range more than 5 euros for local or 20 euro for international. Prices would of course vary, so do not be alarmed if shipping would cost more than 20. If you would like a quote on shipping , feel free to ask :)

  • I would require a name in order to send by shipping, it has to be a visible name, but it can be just your name initial and full surname.

  • I am not responsible for any damage the package goes through once I have sent it to the post. If you receive a damaged or missing parcel/letter let me know so we can discuss it further.

Publishing / Commercial Use

  • As the artist, I have the right to share commissioned work for self advertising purposes, unless the client specifically requests otherwise.

  • Feel free to repost my works on other social medias, BUT VISIBLE CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN. You can tag my social medias, but it's not a must, even a 'Created by Fox-From-Malta' would be appreciated.

  • If you received a gift, trade or commissioned artwork from me, you are free to print for personal reasons. You cannot however sell copies of this artwork!

  • Book Illustration commissions are the only exception to these specific terms! If you want to publish a book and have me as your illustrator, contact me through email ([email protected]).

  • I do not engage in Non-Fungible-Tokens. As a client you cannot use commissioned work for NFTs. If you find my art of any cryptocurrency site, it is stolen work and NOT MINE.

  • I do not engage in A.I. Art. Clients cannot use my work on A.I. Datasets or for training purposes.


  • I am often fast when it comes to completing a commission, but please do NOT bug me if I take longer than a month. I will usually have it done in less than a week, and will give notice if I would require more time, but sometimes stuff happen, so be patient - Thank You.

  • If you would like to reach me check out any of my social medias found HERE