Maltese Artist and Illustrator

(c) 2022 by Kathleen Flask.


Just a series of comics about
a quirky student and her quirky teachers.


To Come

Meet the Artist

Hi! I'm Kathleen Flask, the fox from malta!

I was born in 2005, in the beautiful small island known as Malta. I've been drawing ever since I can remember as I've always been known to carry around a sketchbook and pencil with me where ever I go, even to school. I love to draw animals, of every shape and size, and love to create my own creatures. I am also fond of crafts, and I love to sew and build things whenever I can. I am also a fan of music, and love to play the piano. My native language is Maltese, my second language is English and my third language is German, which I have a B2 certificate in. In regards to school, I am currently studying towards my A-Levels.I have sold drawings and creations locally and abroad (some countries being America, Austria, Germany, UK & Italy). I even have a small business I co-own with my mother, where we sell keychains locally and more often abroad via our Etsy -PatchyzCreations.I use a drawing tablet for my digital art, and markers, pens and pencil for my traditional art. But I dabble in other mediums as well.I love collecting small animal figures, soft-toys, and I love books, mainly comics and animal encyclopedias. I also love cartoons, and watch them frequently. Superheros movies are also one of my top faves.

✰! Meet the Characters !✰

Fox [Tibetan Fox]: She's my fursona/mascot who represents me as an artist. She's quirky, shy, and very loyal.

Sunday [Red Ruffed Lemur]: One of my main OCs. She's a kindhearted soul who always does her best to brighten someone's day.

Felicita [Cardinal]: Another main OC. She's always cheerful and she's very jolly at heart, but she can also be quite clumsy at times.

Malta [Shrew]: My artist mascot. Malta is patriotic, sweet, and quite the hard worker.

Red [Wolf]: My secondary sona, a feisty trouble maker. She's rough, loud, and proud.

Ima [Melitketz]: 2nd secondary sona. She came from the stars and is super bright and jolly. Very quirky alien cat.

Demons and Umbrellas

'Demons and Umbrellas' is a short comic done for my portfolio but I ended up not including in the journal. The story is the first encounter between 3 characters. I might eventually do more with these characters, but for now enjoy this short little comic :)
Characters all belong to me!

The Comic

Asparagus and the Alien

'Asparagus and the Alien' is a short story presented in the form of 21 illustrations I had made as a part of a project for school. The aim was to take photographs and add our little illustrations digitally.
Characters all belong to me! And photos were also taken by me :)

The Story


2018 - DTA Character Design Competition (on Deviantart) - 2nd Place
2019 - DTA Character Design Competition (on Deviantart) - 1st Place
2020 - No Junk Mail Sticker Competition (St Monica School) - 2nd Place
2021 - Festa Frawli Art Competition - Category C - 1st Place
2022 - German Video+Writing Competition - 1st Place
2022 - Mr. Riley Snack Attack Competition - 17+ Category - 1st Place

Exhibitions / Annuals

2021 - Kliem ix-Xjuh - Malta Community of Illustrators
2021 - After Dürer - Mikiel Anton Vassalli College – Malta School of Art
2021 - Digital Art Exhibition and Competition - Education Department
2022 - SAF Student Prize (Malta & Gozo) - Sovereign Art Foundation
2022 - Malta Illustration Annual 2022 - Malta Community of Illustrators
2022 - The Pre-Tertiary Students Exhibition 2022 - Art & Art History at UM

Book Illustrations

2021 - Darba Kien Hemm Fjura - Author: Kathleen Flask
2021 - Kaxxa ta' Storja - Authors: Rachela Bugeja, Christina Marie Vella, Denise Vella.
2022 - In-Nokla Magika - Author: Elaine Grech

Other Projects

  • School Media Project - 'The Rypple Effect' was a production company name created for a media live-action stort video project I worked on with 2 of my classmates.

Team: Editor/Producer/Director: Emma V. Artists/Producers/Directors: Amy B. and Kathleen F.

  • Unofficial Mascot creation for school - created a mascot design for a school project (a painting for the minister of education).

  • Artwork for an Internet Group - Growyourown (or GYO for short) is a online arpg which is currently on hiatus. I work as a community mod and did occasional artwork to be used in group.

  • Personal Projects - I am currently working on my own personal projects, each day creating concept ideas for comics / animations I hope to create someday.

Some of these personal projects which I have completed or currently have public can be viewed here:

Commissions Menu

Status: CLOSED

My art is LGBTIQ+ Friendly and SFW.

What I can draw: Animals/Pets - Furry/Anthro Animals - Creatures - Humans - Robot/Mech (simplified) - Minor GoreWhat I won't draw: NSFW - Organs/Gore - Sexual Content - Fetishes - Hate against a minority(Ask me if you have any other preference not included)

How to order:

- Send me an email [[email protected]]
or private message on Instagram.
- For traditional work I would need shipping details.
(Info about what I require for shipping details in T.O.S)


To be done via Paypal or Revolut50% deposit to be given before I start the commission
(this only counts for commissions that cost more than €15)


  • Do not ask for a commission if you don't have the money to pay for it. You will only get a 24hr chance to pay the deposit, and then another 24hr chance to pay for the remaining pay once the commission is complete.

  • Price is per character - for extra characters in the same image/scene, it's only 70% of the original price.

  • The deposit must be payed in order for me to start the commission. Do not pay unless I have first accepted your commission.

  • I have the right to decline a commission if I do not feel comfortable making it.

  • You are only allowed to make minor edits to the finished piece! (Like slight colour changes, etc.) - For the more detailed commissions, I will send sketch/lineart wips to get confirmation if they're ok with you, but this is not for every type.

  • You can request a refund at any time, but you CANNOT ask for a refund if the commission has been completed/sent.

  • Feel free to repost my works on other social medias, BUT VISIBLE CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN. You can tag my social medias, but it's not a must, even a 'Created by Fox-From-Malta' would be appreciated.

  • I am often fast when it comes to completing a commission, but please do NOT bug me if I take longer than a month. I will usually have it done in less than a week, and will give notice if I would require more time, but sometimes stuff happen, so be patient - Thank You.

  • I would need to know the address to calculate the final shipping price. It won't range more than 5 euros for local or 20 euro for international. Prices would of course vary, so do not be alarmed if shipping would cost more than 20. If you would like a quote on shipping , feel free to ask :)

  • I would require a name in order to send by shipping, it has to be a visible name, but it can be just your name initial and full surname.

  • I am not responsible for any damage the package goes through once I have sent it to the post. If you receive a damaged or missing parcel/letter let me know so we can discuss it further.

  • Not all examples are characters that I own as these are commissions or art I've done for people or friends. If you're an owner of one of these designs and would like the example removed, please let me know :)

Shipping Fee

Local : € 1.50
International : + € 8 / 10 USD*
*Price may vary depending on where you live.

  • Shipping cost will cover for envelope, stamp, packing.

  • Shipping will be registered for international shipping.

  • Shipping price is in Euro/USD, if you don't use Euro or USD the price has to be converted into the currency you use.


Chibi - Classic = €5 / New = €15

A simple chibi doodle of your character. Both styles will be simple shaded, but flat can be given free of charge.Style Classic: Will be a smaller drawn fullbody, with dotted eyes and a slightly larger head.
Style New: Will have more exaggerated features and different shading/drawing style.
Comes with coloured border, but it can be removed.
Solid coloured background can also be added free of charge.

Icon - €10

An icon of your character. Comes with shading and your choice of a solid coloured, or gradient, or pattern background.Option of adding a coloured border is free.

Bust - €15

A simple bust drawing of your character. Style A or Style B available, for same price (be specific which style you'd like when commissioning).Style A: Comes with a simple patterned or solid coloured background.
Style B: Comes with a circular background, with patterend border.

Fullbody - €20

A fullbody commission of your character. Flat coloured or Shaded option available [price is a bit higher for the shaded option]Comes with coloured border. Can be given without border and/or with a solid coloured background.
If you order a shaded version, a flat can also be given free of charge - but this is only if you pay with the shaded fullbody price.

Ms Paint Fullbody - €5

A cute simple flat coloured fullbody of your character done in MS Paint.
This commission comes in a small file size to keep the pixel style.
Comes with a white border and solid coloured background. Background less version can be sent free of charge.

Scene - €40+

A full detailed background image, that depicts your character in a particular scene, be it by the sea, or in the forest.Price varies depending on scene complexity.
Only 1-2 slots available per opening.
Extra characters will be 80% of the digital shaded fullbody or bust price

Experimental - €20

An experimental digital piece. This can range from a painting style, lineless, mini wiggle animation, mixed-media piece, and much more!You cannot choose what you get, it's random and I will decide by what I feel like doing for your character.


Marker/Paint/Felt colours are limited, so no complex coloured characters for these.

Furry Badge - €30

A badge of your fursona/animal/beast character with their name. Comes with a solid coloured background and plastic covering.Currently does NOT come with a clip.

Fullbody - €30

An A5 traditionally drawn fullbody of your character. Can be in markers, posca or pencil [but the last two options are only available for easier designs]Comes with shading and optional solid coloured background. Outline can be thick/thin black, purple or thick brown - This choice can be done by you, or I choose for you. Scanned image can also be sent.

Scene / Painting - €50+

A5 or A4 (if with markers) or larger (if on canvas with paint*) scene commission of your character. Similar to the digital scene, comes with your character doing something in a detailed background.Price varies depending on scene complexity.
Only 1-2 slots available per opening.
Extra characters will be 80% of the digital shaded fullbody price.
*Canvas pieces are only available for locals.

Button Pin - 1=€10 / 3=€25

A 32mm by 32mm sized button of your character. Will be a digital headshot of your character with a patterned/gradient background and coloured border or a one of a kind traditionally drawn artwork for the pin.Can come in a set of 1 or 3
(for the 3 set, they can be all different characters)

Felt Keychain - €30

A 15-20cm felt keychain of your character. Will be made of felt, and have a hanger so it can be used as a keychain (but you don't have to use it so).Colour of the ribbon can be chosen by you or made to match the eye buttons.Only 1-2 slots available per opening.

Want another type of commission?

Didn't find anything you liked? That's ok, thank you for your interest!If you want a commission type that's not listed here, like comic, PMV, Custom character, book illustrations, etc. Feel free to send me an email so we can discuss further.