About the Artist

Merħba! I'm Kathleen Flask, also known as Fox-From-Malta, a Maltese artist and illustrator who sometimes also dabbles in animation, sewing, crafting and clay sculpting! I work with traditional and digital media - whatever I find, I work with.I have always been known to draw, even during classes, carrying around a paper and pencil everywhere I go! I am currently in my first year of BFA in Digital Art at the University of Malta.Aside from art, my interests include Zoology, Languages and Music. I am very fond of animals, and they're always a subject of my creations. Aside from Maltese and English, I also know German (B2.2 Level). As a hobby, I study music and music theory (Grade 2, Grade 5 respectively)

I have sold drawings and creations locally and abroad (some countries being America, Austria, Germany, UK & Italy). I even have a small business I co-own with my mother, where we sell keychains locally and more often abroad via our Etsy: PatchyzCreations.

2018 - DTA Character Design Competition (on Deviantart) - 2nd Place
2019 - DTA Character Design Competition (on Deviantart) - 1st Place
2020 - No Junk Mail Sticker Competition (St Monica School) - 2nd Place
2021 - Festa Frawli Art Competition (Catagory C) - 1st Place
2022 - German Video+Writing Competition - 1st Place
2022 - Mr. Riley Snack Attack Competition - 17+ Category - 1st Place
2023 - My Green Corner - Virtual Exhibition and Competition - 17+ Catagory Winner
2023 - Toyota Malta: Billboard Contest - 1st Place

EXHIBITIONS / Conventions
2021 - Kliem ix-Xjuh - Malta Community of Illustrators
2021 - After Dürer - Mikiel Anton Vassalli College – Malta School of Art
2021 - Digital Art Exhibition and Competition - Education Department
2022 - SAF Student Prize (Malta & Gozo) - Sovereign Art Foundation
2022 - The Pre-Tertiary Students Exhibition 2022 - Art & Art History at UM
2023 - My Green Corner - Virtual Exhibition and Competition - Frank Salt Real Estate
2023 - Malta Comic Con '23 - Wicked Comics
2023 - Artistic Reflections: Navigating Mental Health during the Festive Season - Betapsi, HoASA & UM Library

2021 - Darba Kien Hemm Fjura - Author: Kathleen Flask
2021 - Kaxxa ta' Storja - Authors: Rachela Bugeja, Christina Marie Vella, Denise Vella.
Kaxxa ta' Storja was illustrated together with my mum. My credit: colour and shading
2022 - In-Nokla Magika - Author: Elaine Grech
2022 - Malta Illustration Annual 2022 - Malta Community of Illustrators
2023 - Min Taħseb li Jien? - Author: Claire Azzopardi
2023 - Malta Illustration Annual 2023 - Malta Community of Illustrators
2023 - Bluey 5th Anniversary Art Zine - The Bluey Fanzine Project

2021 + - Artist at UnlicensedBurger - Comic artist and general artist
2021 + - Artist and Moderator/Admin at Grow-Your-Own - Deviantart ARPG
2023 - Animations for AR Multipler Event - Animaton and Tester Student (Malta)

Portfolio of Work

Comics & Narratives

Asparagus & The Alien (2022)

The adventures of a little earth mouse and her new strange friend.

'Asparagus and the Alien' is a short story presented in the form of 21 illustrations I had made as a part of a project for school. The aim was to take photographs of our library and add our little illustrations in digitally.I took all the photographs myself, and the characters were designed by me specifically for this project. I thought I would make the main characters mice, to play with perspective and angles.

References & Extra Art:

Umbrellas & Demons (2023)

A cat, a talking umbrella shaped like a duck, and a little demon... what an odd pairing.

'Demons and Umbrellas' is a short 5-page comic I had done for my A-Level, which I ended up not including in the final portfolio journal. I wanted to create characters and then center a short comic around them as a comic example for my folio.

References & Extra Art:

Il-Gebla (il-Mara Ħoxna) - Leli - Tittu - Il-Ħamiema. [from left to right]

Leli u Tittu (2023 -)

The silly adventures of a hungry cat, Leli, and his tired best friend, Tittu.

'Leli u Tittu' is a maltese comic I have in the works, whose pilot comic, I hope to finish as a full graphic novel someday.The story follows a little black cat whose always looking for food, Leli. His friend Tittu, who's more logical, joins him in his hunt for food (mostly to keep him from getting himself in trouble).
Characters all belong to me.

Concepts & Early Art / Doodles :

Ms. Werewolf (2024)

Who knew that monsters and magical creatures were real? And for you to find out... all a little witch had to do was turn you into a werewolf.

'Ms. Werewolf' is a mini comic created for an assignment, which I do want to turn into a full novel someday, further exploring the story of these characters.The story centers around a witch and her teacher, whom she turned into a werewolf by accident. In a race against the clock, Winnie (the witch) has to learn all the spells of wizardry to turn her teacher, Ms. Lulu (werewolf) back into a human before her first full moon transformation that can turn the spell permanent.

Concepts/Doodles & Final Reference:

Anmations & Animatics

+ storyboards and other videos

A collection of different animated works I have produced. Most are personal works, projects and assignments, the rest are small practice studies.Most animation/animatics I make get posted on to my Youtube channel.

I'd Rather Sleep - Animation Meme

An animation meme done of my character Ruith, the reindeer, done in 2020.

Song: 'I'd Rather Sleep' by Kero Kero Bonito

Siblings - Animatic

An Animatic done using characters from the hit disney show, The Owl House. Made back in 2020, it became one of my most viewed reels on Instragram (45,408 views & 7.132 likes).

Song: 'Siblings' by Brian David Gilbert
Characters (c) Dana Terrace/Disney

Everybody Talks - M.A.P Project [Part 14]

A multifandom palette Multi-Animator-Project done back in 2021.

Song: 'Everbody Talks' by Neon Trees
Characters (c) Wizart Animation [Snow Queen - 2012]

School Friends - Anything Palette M.A.P [Parts 15 & 7]

An anything palette Multi-Animator-Project done back in 2021.

Song: 'School Friends' by Now, Now

Bubblegum K.K. - Anything Shipping Palette M.A.P [Parts 1 & 2]

An anything shipping palette Multi-Animator-Project done back in 2021.

Song: 'Bubblegum K.K.' Cover by Joytastic Sarah and Qumu
Characters from the book 'Ħarsa ta' Rużann' by Francis Ebejer

Almighty Anton - Scene Animatic

An animatic done for my friend OddyOddster's project, Almighty Anton. (2022)

Characters (c) OddyOddster, UnlicensedBurger
Edited by: OddyOddster
Voice Actor: Bryson / bryson_burnette12

The Mouse Hole

A small animation of my oc, Asparagus, done on a video recording.

MEGA MAP 1hr Anything - M.A.P Project [Parts 248 & 249]

A 1hr anything mega Multi-Animator-Project done in 2022.

Song: 'Chokehold' by Elephant Music

Sugar OC PMV/AMV - M.A.P Project [Part 1]

A shipping oc pmv/amv Multi-Animator-Project done in 2022.

Song: 'Sugar' by Maroon 5

Erasmus Multiplier Event - AR Animations

Animations done for an AR demonstration for my school's Erasmus project in 2023. I had to create 3 different animations, one showing characters doing some form of exercise, and the other 2 had to be mirror opposites of what to do with garbage (up-cycling or throwing it away).I used the character created for the project, and gave him my own little interpretation as well as give him friends for the exercise animation.Read an Article on the Project

Characters (c) Artse+ Erasmus

Straight Up Villain - Animation Meme

An animation meme done for Art Fight 2023 for my friend Dr-Fuzznote

Song: K/DA - VILLAIN ft. Madison Beer and Kim Petras
Characters (c) Dr-Fuzznote

Unfinished Projects

Animatics or half-completed animations which I most likely wont be finishing.

Unfinished Animation - 2023

Unfinished Animation - Song: Whole (Rob Gasser Remix) by Chime & Adam Tell

Unfinished Animatic - 2020 - Song: I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) by Alan Menken and David Zippel

Unfinished Lyric Video - 2021 - Song: Touch-Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon

Unfinished/Rough Animatic - 2021

Minor Animations / Rough Studies

A collection of small animations, mostly done for avatar use or general animation studies.

Terms of Service

Please read these terms before asking for a commission, especially bigger ones.
If a client commissions me, they have automatically agreed to these terms. I will keep this updated periodically.
LAST UPDATED: 22/11/2023


  • For bigger commissions* (such as the scene commission and all traditional commissions) a deposit of half the price must be payed at the start of the commission.

  • The deposit must be payed in order for me to start the commission. Do not pay unless I have first accepted your commission.*

  • Do not ask for a commission if you don't have the money to pay for it. For the deposit you will only get a 24hr chance to pay, and then another 24hr chance to pay for the remaining pay once the commission is complete. For the non-deposit commissions, you will have to pay within 48hrs.

  • The final commission will only be sent without the preview text when full price is paid. All works get sketches preview. Deposit works get progress sketches and outline preview.

  • I have the right to decline a commission if I do not feel comfortable making it.

  • You are only allowed to ask for minor edits to the finished piece! (Like slight colour changes, etc.) - For the more detailed commissions, I will send sketch/lineart wips to get confirmation if they're ok with you, but this is not for every type.

  • For larger edits, you will have to pay extra. This is since I will be redrawing big elements of the work, so that takes more time.

  • You can request a refund at any time, but you CANNOT ask for a refund if the commission has been coloured/completed/sent. - once a refund has been sent, you will not receive the commission, even if the sketch/lineart has been started.

  • Prices are bound to change. My prices can increase in the future, but I usually will have this be done before an opening in order not to confuse buyers. Please do not come ask for a refund if you bought a commission at a previous price, or a discount.


  • Work shipped internationally will be shipped with registered shipping unless buyer requests otherwise. The price also includes the cost of supplies to ship said work, such as package, wrapping, etc.

  • I would need to know the address to calculate the final shipping price. It won't range more than 5 euros for local or 20 euro for international. Prices would of course vary, so do not be alarmed if shipping would cost more than 20. If you would like a quote on shipping , feel free to ask :)

  • I would require a name in order to send by shipping, it has to be a visible name, but it can be just your name initial and full surname.

  • I am not responsible for any damage the package goes through once I have sent it to the post. If you receive a damaged or missing parcel/letter let me know so we can discuss it further.

Publishing / Commercial Use

  • As the artist, I have the right to share commissioned work for self advertising purposes, unless the client specifically requests otherwise.

  • Feel free to repost my works on other social medias, BUT VISIBLE CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN. You can tag my social medias, but it's not a must, even a 'Created by Fox-From-Malta' would be appreciated.

  • If you received a gift, trade or commissioned artwork from me, you are free to print for personal reasons. You cannot however sell copies of this artwork!

  • Book Illustration commissions are the only exception to these specific terms! If you want to publish a book and have me as your illustrator, contact me through email ([email protected]).

  • I do not engage in Non-Fungible-Tokens. As a client you cannot use commissioned work for NFTs. If you find my art of any cryptocurrency site, it is stolen work and NOT MINE.

  • I do not engage in A.I. Art. Clients cannot use my work on A.I. Datasets or for training purposes.


  • I am often fast when it comes to completing a commission, but please do NOT bug me if I take longer than a month. I will usually have it done in less than a week, and will give notice if I would require more time, but sometimes stuff happen, so be patient - Thank You.

  • If you would like to reach me check out any of my social medias, like Instagram.

Commissions : CLOSED

When closed, feel free to contact me anyways if it's book illustration or freelance work.

My art is LGBTIQ+ Friendly and SFW.What I can draw: Animals/Pets - Furry/Anthro Animals - Creatures - Humans - Robot/Mech (simplified) - Minor Gore - Fanart (as me first)What I won't draw: NSFW - Organs/Gore - Sexual Content - Fetishes - Hate against a minority - NFTsAll commissions come with shading! Flat can be given upon request (for digital only).
- - - - -

  • Please read my T.O.S before commissioning me.

  • Extra Characters are +50% the original price.

  • Shipping prices are: Local : € 2+ | International : € 10+ / 10.90+ USD

  • Payment will only be accepted via Revolut or Paypal.

  • To order a commission simply reach out to me via EMAIL or INSTAGRAM, or any other social media I use (however, do not start a DM with just 'hello' - please alaborate what commission you would like).

  • If you want a commission type that's not listed here, like comic, PMV, Custom character, book illustrations, etc. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss further.

Digital Art

MS Paint Chibi


Pixelated, flat coloured chibi with minimal shading.

Avatar / Icon / Head-shot


Shaded with a decorative patterned background.



Fully shaded. Decorative patterned background added upon request.



Fully shaded. Simplistic solid coloured background added upon request.



Fully rendered and shaded piece, with detailed background/setting.
Additional Characters +50% of fullbody price.

Traditional Art

Marker/Paint/Felt colours are limited, so no complex-coloured characters for these.
These commissions can be shipped! For fullbodies and scenes, a digital scan can be sent upon request.

Acrylic Pen Chibi


A6-A5 sized flat coloured chibi. Solid coloured background can be added upon request.



A5-A4 sized shaded fullbody in alcohol markers, fineliners and pencil colours. Solid coloured or simplistic patterned background can be added upon request.

Scene / Painting


Fully rendered and shaded piece, with detailed background done in acrylics (canvas - any size) or alcohol markers (A5-A4).

Button Pins

1 = €10 / 5 = €40

Hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind buttons, made by button machine at home. Drawn in mixed media directly on paper then made into a button.For multiple copies of same image, ask ahead and piece will be scanned and printed into more copies.

Felt Keychain


Hand-made felt A5 felt keychain. Not very durable as it is hand-made, so not suited for children under 10 years.

Book Illustrations

My favourite pages done for various maltese books I've illustrated. 'Darba Kien Hemm Fjura' was also written by me.
'Darba Kien Hemm Fjura' (2021), 'In-Nokla Magika' (2022), & 'Min Taħseb li Jien?' (2023)

Grow-Your-Own: ARPG Art

Grow Your Own (GYO) is a deviantart arpg created by DA user Sauntproof, now owned by Violenca.I currently work on-and-off an administrator in the group, and occasionally help with group artwork for promotional or arpg use in the group. Works include bases (for forms and types), scene pieces for prompts and events, general art for the arpg.
Characters featured are all NPC characters that are apart of the ARPG (aside from the one on the left who is my character in the group).

ARPG Website | Deviantart Group

A Dragon's Treasure (2023)

[Scrapped] Superhero Cats Concept (2023)

A story about a group of superhero cats I wanted to create, but ended up scrapping due to loosing interest in continuing the project. Wanted to share all the art and concepts I had made, as I am still proud of them and find some quite well-made.

A-Level Portfolio (2022-2023)

A collection of all the work I presented as part of my portfolio in my A-Level exam back in 2023.

Personal Project

Thematic Project

Wall Paintings (2023)

Wall paintings I had done in a classroom, with the help of my Mum. (I designed and lined the works, while she coloured them in according to my suggestions).
The task was to decorate a school classroom, that was to act as a mini library. I wanted each animal to be recognizable and represent a few nationalities that the students at the school come from. Plus we tried to be playful with some of the locations of the paintings (eg. with the switch or on the white board).

Skinner Boys - Redesigns/Fanart (2022)


Fanart and minor redesigns done for characters from the show The Skinner Boys. I wanted to see what I'd change or keep in each character's design... using it as personal practice, even in regards to drawing human characters.

Il-Ħarsa ta' Rużann - Fanart (2021-2023)


Il-Ħarsa ta' Rużann is a 1985 book by Maltese author Francis Ebejer.
We had to study the book in school, and I fell in love with the characters inside it, so much so that I created cat versions of them - as well as created an idea for a potential sequel story featuring a next generation character, Alex.

Doodle from 2020

A Demon and a Deer (2019 -)

A Demon and a Deer is my take on some Christmas classics. The story follow Krampus (a young krampus in training) and Ruith, St. Nic's assistant who's assigned to take care of Krampus and train him. They are joined by many of Nic's elves (all based on one hue of the rainbow), goblins, the other 8 reindeer, as well as many other creatures like fairies, nutcrackers, sheep, and much more.I've created designs for almost all the characters in the story (as viewed below) and hope to continue doing all the others, as well as one day publish the characters story for everyone to read and enjoy.

Poster Design - Fanart

Avarù - Redesigns/Fanart (2022-2023)


'Avarù' is a Maltese inclusive children tv show which is aimed at children especially those who are neurodivergent, created by Brandom Terribile.I fell in love with the show, and decided to do cartoon versions of the characters, as well give a few minor edits to their costumes to make them reflect their personality better.

The Main Characters: Diżż (Desiree), Alwett, Justus, Kattivella & Pandora

University Assignments (2023-)

BFA in Digital Arts - University of Malta

Collection of my latest work done at university. Not all work done is currently uploaded.

Alice in Wonderland - 2024

What if Wonderland was this colourful psychedelic place filled with anthropermorphic animals and no humans... and what if Alice, the little human girl who ventured into this world, started to become less human the longer the stayed there?
- - -
Assignment for uni, where I gave my own interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland tale and characters.
The depicted scene is that when Alice starts to get frustrated with the caterpillar's remarks. His faces, each showing an emotion, are curious and relaxed, yet also annoyed as well.


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